Thursday, May 12, 2005

And Democrats Wonder Why they Aren't Taken Seriously on Foreign Policy...

Democrats at DU weigh in on the following question: "Al Qaeda: real or fiction?" Wow.

It's not the presence of wackos in their ranks that discredits the Dems. There are certainly plenty of wackos to go around, and there are plenty attached to both sides.

What discredits the Dems is the fact that they embrace their wackos unapologetically. The leader of the DNC describes conservatives as "evil" and, in what was either a tasteless reference to Terri Schiavo, or just a very insensitive choice of words, described Republicans as "brain dead." Dean has already tried and convicted DeLay, in over-the-top comments even Barney Frank finds troublesome. Misguided or mistaken, perhaps, but EVIL? BRAIN DEAD? Then Senate Dem Leader Harry Reid engages in slander against a Bush judicial nominee by citing secret FBI information he's not allowed to disclose. What a chickenshit tactic! Then again, Reid's been on a roll lately. When the man on the street is rolling his eyes at what you're saying and doing, you're losing credibility. The Dems put Howard Dean up as the technical head of their party, and Teddy Kennedy as the de facto ideological leader. Teddy goes on the airwaves to denounce our actions in Iraq as "just another Vietnam quagmire" right as free elections are taking place? and then they go around wondering why people in the Midwest and South don't feel like voting for them!?!? And then, rather than trying to figure out how they might reach those voters, they decide that it's easier to insult and dismiss them as inbred rednecks and unsophisticated Bible-thumpers. This really doesn't seem like rocket science, guys...


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