Saturday, May 21, 2005

National Review: Newsweek Should have Known Better...


A cite from National Review. Whew! Feeling much better now...
The spark was lit not by Imram Khan but by Newsweek itself on May 9 when apparently none of its reporters or editors was aware of the effect such a story would have. There seems to have been nobody there that knew that death is the penalty for desecrating a Koran in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Egypt is milder, there one would be sentenced to several years in prison under Article 161 of the penal code for “publicly insulting Islam,” or perhaps Article 98, “inciting sectarian strife”; similar patterns are followed in more moderate Muslim countries.

But ya know, I'm not sure I agree with all that. Seems to me the primary problem is the out-of control fundamentalist wackos. Newsweek shares in some blame, to be sure, but they didn't actually KILL anyone. The right gets indignant when pro-choice activists blame Pat Robertson and James Dobson for inciting anti-abortion nuts to commit wacko acts, but now NRO is blaming Newsweek under essentially the same principle.

So now I'm agreeing with the NYT, Boston Globe and Guardian, and disagreeing with National Review...



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