Thursday, June 23, 2005

Liberal Wing of Supreme Court Crushes Property Rights

The self-described “liberals” are in favor of taking working-class homes by force in order to give the land to Pfizer, while the conservatives express understandable outrage at this fiasco. The conservatives are working to help underprivileged black kids get scholarships for private school, while the liberals are fighting like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen. A conservative President nominates a Hispanic immigrant to a federal court, and the liberals quash his candidacy specifically because he is a “latino”. And the liberals are actually puzzled that fewer and fewer people decide to vote for them anymore?

I presume that there was a time when being a “liberal” would’ve meant, at a minimum, sticking up for poor black kids against the education cartel, standing up for the working-class family against the big corporation and helping an immigrant ascend to a federal judgeship, even if they weren’t in full agreement with all of his philosophies. That clearly isn’t what that word means these days.

So, what CAN we count on the liberals for these days? Oh, yeah…I forgot—they’re standing up for the rights of Islamic terrorists.


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