Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jawa Report: It's Not Only About Iraq...

Outstanding piece by Hyscience. The money shot:

And compared to Hitler, he was just a mere warm-up compared to what we have before us. As Austin Bay put it in Part 2 ofhis piece entitled, "The Millennium War," "A RELIGIOUS END STATE guides al Qaeda: an Islamist end, or eschatology, that marks the final completion of earthly history. These religious imperialists envision an empire of the faithful, the Caliphate restored, then expanded to planetary dimensions. Call it Islamofascist globalization: al Qaeda's definition of victory."

So it's time to take the Islamists straight on, and drive them into a sea of obscurity. And the only way we're going to be able to do it is by speaking and acting with one voice and one goal - to end the Islamists' dream of a caliphate and stop Islamic extremism. The one fly in the ointment though, is to know which Muslims are Islamists, and which Muslims are true moderates with no vision of Islamic rule. That's the hardest piece of the puzzle to place a finger on.

Coludn't agree more.


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