Friday, July 08, 2005

London Mayor Ken Livingstone defends the Islamic Extremists

More on what passes for an "Islamic moderate" in London. The link is to a report published by London Mayor Ken Livingstone relating to the issue of "Islamic conspiracies" in the UK. First, Livingstone denies the existence of any "Islamic conspiracies" against the west:
The ‘Islamic Conspiracy’ theory
The dossier sent to London Assembly members entitled Mayor Livingstone and Sheikh Qaradawi argues against such a dialogue. Its authors suggest that we face something like a Muslim conspiracy, led by people like Dr al-Qaradawi, directed against the whole of western civilisation and culture. Peter Tatchell is a prominent exponent of this view when he warns of the ‘global threat of “Islamofascism”’, which, he says, is more dangerous today than the rise of genuinely extreme right wing groups like the British National Party.
Mayor Livingstone is confident, however, that Islamic political movements are peaceful and would never seek to take away anyone's rights:
There has undoubtedly been increased political mobilisation of Muslim communities in Britain over the last couple of years. This however has been driven, not by an Islamist conspiracy to reconquer Rome or impose Sharia law in Britain, but by opposition to the invasion of Iraq, the perceived double standards applied to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and issues of equal rights in this country.
The Muslim communities have started to organise themselves to make their views on the Middle East count and to defend their own cultural and religious rights – not to take away the rights of anyone else.
Although Livingstone admits that his guest, Dr. al-Qaradawi, supports suicide bombing, he apparently considers the support to be justified:
It is true that Dr al-Qaradawi justifies suicide bombings of Palestinian forces fighting against the Israeli state. As he explained at the press conference on 7 July, he views such methods as a ‘weapon to which the weak resort in order to upset the balance because the powerful have all the weapons that the weak are denied...
He then proceeds to turn the argument against the Sharon government, based on what he considers to be their war crimes:
In all consistency, therefore, the authors of the dossier should also be calling for supporters of the Sharon government to be excluded from City Hall.
Talk about the chickens coming home to roost. Way to go, Mayor Livingstone...


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