Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mark in Mexco: Pakistani Public Knew Bombers Were Pakistani

Mark in Mexico has a good post on the "Pakistani street". It's just amazing and frustrating to find out so much more every day from people who tell us that they knew this was probably going to happen. It's like that old Saturday Night Live skit about "Buckwheat Has Been Shot". Once they identified the killer, they talked to his friends and family. Each of the interviews went something like this:

Reporter: Did you know him?

Neighbor: Yes, he was a very nice boy, quiet, never caused any trouble. Always willing to help out.

Reporter: Are you surprised he shot Buckwheat today?

Neighbor: Oh, yes, very surprised.

Reporter: Why is that?

Neighbor: Well, it's Boxing Day today. You don't expect something like this to happen on a holiday.

Reporter: I see. Well, are you surprised that your neighbor shot Buckwheat?

Neighbor: Oh, no, not at all. We all knew he'd try to kill Buckwheat someday. That's all he used to talk about. Even when he was little, he used to say 'Someday when I grow up I'm gonna kill Buckwheat'. He used to make all the other little kids play a game he made up called 'Kill Buckwheat'. He even wrote a song called 'Die, Buckwheat, Die' that he would play at parties. He would draw and paint pictures and give them to us as gifts. He was very generous that way. I have a piece he titled 'Dead Buckwheat #1627' hanging in my living room behind the couch.


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