Friday, August 12, 2005

Has it really been TWO WEEKS?

Apparently so. In fact, 15 DAYS have passed since the Air America scandal broke without a single word from the New York Times. As you might have guessed, the bloggers have been all over this from the get-go.

For anyone not up to speed, one of the guys in Air America's second management team, a guy by the name of Evan Cohen, arranged for a Boys and Girls Club to loan Air America just a little under $900,000. The Boys and Girls Club subsequently went under. Air America then got rid of Cohen and restructured its management, and now denies any knowledge of what happened to the money as well as as any obligation to repay the "loan." AA claims that none of the other members of management or ownership knew about the loan and that Cohen essentially incurred the repayment obligation in the name of the previous ownership/management team, rather than the current team.

Yeah, yeah... another right-wing smear campaign built on unsupportable lies and innuendoes, right?

If so, then someone needs to explain why Air America is under investigation by not only the City of New York (that bastion of Republicanism) but also New York Attorney General Eliot Sptizer (a Democrat)?

The facts of this story have been out there for two weeks now, and the mainstream media's been almost totally silent. If there's no THERE there, then the MSM should step up to the plate and clear the good name of a wrongly-impugned media company. Either way, there's no reasonable excuse whatsoever for a media blackout on this story.

Suppose the facts were a bit different. Suppose Rush Limbaugh organized a charity event for a bunch of poor kids and then "loaned" the proceeds to his EIB network, after which the charity collapsed. Suppose that Limbaugh then claimed that he did not have any personal obligation to repay the loan because the loan was to his network rather than to him personally. Is there any CHANCE IN HELL that the story would stay quiet for two DAYS, much less TWO WEEKS?

Not one, friends, and we all know it.

Why is that, I wonder?


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