Saturday, October 08, 2005


Contrary to popular belief, Eman was not hatched from a craggy, mysterious-looking egg discovered in the backwoods of Scandinavia.

According to the available evidence, Eman was actually born in a generally normal manner in Wisconsin, and he even has siblings.

One of these siblings is a sister known as TayTay, and she maintains her own blog (see link above).

My sister is a very devoted Christian who spends a lot time working to convince young women to not have sex. TayTay and I have in common, then, that we both spend a fair amount of time talking to young women about sex. Although TayTay and I are not necessarily cut from the same cloth, I'm very proud of my sister. More generally, she and I have in common that we're both willing to speak up for what we individually believe in. Way to go, sis! Keep sticking to your guns.


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