Friday, November 25, 2005

Somebody Finally Stands up to Ward Churchill

I love this guy:
For someone who postures and preens on a stage where you can dictate the conversation and no one else is allowed to speak, it's a shame you’re too apprehensive to meet with me man-to-man, much less debate me on free speech (or for that matter, any university scholar opposed to you). Your excuse is that you consider me a “facist cartoonist on par with Joseph Goebbels” and Nazi Propagandist Julius Streicher. Not only is this completely over the top (considering that I actually had relatives who were murdered in the Jewish Holocaust), and not only an unhealthy fetish you’ve had a long time with Nazis, but its also a complete change from back in February when you bragged to a cheering crowd that you would debate anyone on free speech, even if they had “nazi proclivities.” You would now rather take the safe, protected route -- sell your books and CDs and do solo speaking engagements, while denying that you ever made a promise to do a debate.


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