Friday, December 09, 2005

Whiskey (Pete) Tango Foxtrot??

See-Dubya over at Jawa Report shares his transcript of an interview with Spc. Jeff Englehart of the legendary "Penis Dog" Battallion:

JE: Well, we were sitting in our H2 Hummer, which is a military vehicle, and we could hear general orders come over the, you know, the “intercom” inside the Hummer jeep tank thing. And the order would come over the radio, like, “Breaker one-niner, this here’s Russell the Love Muscle, you got your ears on, we’re gonna drop ‘Word Perfect’ at such and such coordinates, come back.”

RAI: ‘Word Perfect’?

JE: See, that’s the lingo. The nomenclature. We sometimes call WP “Word Perfect”, or “Walrus Pepperoni”.

RAI: Ah. Thank you for explaining these technical terms.

JE: And they would respond with the call sign “Ten-four, good buddy, this here’s the Bandit and I’ve got Smokey on my tail and a Bear in the Air outside of Alamo City, Eighty-eights around the house.” Then you would see these helicopters start raining down ‘Winky-Pooter’, as we sometimes call it…

RAI: What kind of helicopter?

JE: That would be the, the, the big Lockheed AH-3 Mohican.

RAI: I’m not familiar with…

JE: Because it’s top secret. If you were familiar with it, you’d be dead. Anyway, the ‘Wassail Punch’ would impact and convert to this aerosol plasma that would burn through metal and skin but leave clothing untouched. It’s smart like that, like a smart plasma. Kind of like the neutron bomb, you know, which we may also have used, except with clothes instead of buildings. Lethal within eight “klucks”, as we military people say, or about a hundred and fifty meters.

Read the whole thing. And definitely don't miss the part about Yoav Epstein.


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