Thursday, January 12, 2006

Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

This is what happens when a country is run according to the precepts of the Religion of Peace. Of course, since the lefties will tell you that everything bad in the world is caused by America, I suppose the death sentence rendered against this young lady for defending herself must somehow be attributable to something America has done.

Let me give it a shot:
In the 1970s, America supported the oppressive totalitarian secular regime of Reza Pahlavi, engendering hatred against America, the Western world and secularism in general, thereby creating a situation in which the strict religious fundamentalism of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini could take over and impose its uncompromising worldview on the entire country.

Therefore, everything bad that has happened in Iran since then is automatically America's fault.
The same leftist logic applies to every country in the world. If a regime supported by America is in charge, everything bad that happens there is automatically America's fault. This position has a certain logic to it. Then again, if a regime opposed by America is in charge of a country, everything bad that happens there is also America's fault, since the bad thing ultimately results from a backlash against America, from poverty brought on by American pressure or some other bad thing America has done to the country.

From the above, I think it's obvious that America is not the world's policeman. America is, rather, the world's husband.


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