Sunday, February 26, 2006

LEGO Launches New "Mohammed" Playset

Yes, I realize this image is probably very offensive to millions of folks (especially those who don't have a sense of humor.) For the record, I don't think this sort of thing encourages understanding--but it is pretty damn funny. The Catholics had to put up with my post of the "Poopy Madonna," and the Jews got the picture of Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler, so now it's the Muslims' turn. It's my personal sacrifice to the world. The great religions are just so divided these days. If I can manage to convince all the different religions of the world to hate heretics like myself equally, I think that's at least one little way to bring them all together. The people of the world can hate us instead of hating one another. And then I can buy the world a coke. And then the jihadis will probably cut my head off, and make a video that no one (except for other jihadis) will ever watch.
Free speech. It's a beautiful thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope that you all of you eropian turn to pit animals because you dont respect the other religions
and do you know .......
we really dont like you
-like to be fucked just like your fucken fake jesus and his bitch mother

5:52 AM  

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