Monday, February 20, 2006

On Mohamatons...

I've had several practicing Muslims as friends, and one who I consider a very good friend. Accordingly, I know that Muslims can't, as a group, be accurately categorized as a bunch of uneducated, violent fanatics. Unfortunately, there's a disproportionate number of uneducated, violent fanatics within that particular group, the type of people who are poised and ready to go out and burn things and hurt people whenever their local imam tells them it's time to hit the streets. These are the Mohamatons. They don't like Western culture, which is fine. They wish Western culture would change. That's fine, too. I, myself, wish Western culture were, for example, less materialistic, so I can understand their general sentiments to some degree. When I'm unhappy about the way things are, I jump on my computer and write about it. When Mohamatons are unhappy about the way things are, they go out and kill people and break things. This simply won't do. Civilization demands civilized behavior.

The Mohamatons in Europe just learned a very unfortunate lesson. They acted like spoiled, overgrown children, and they were rewarded for it. The European and American politicians fell all over themselves to appease these spoiled, overgrown children. They invented a new "thou shalt respect religion" rule that we'd never had before, at least not for the last few centuries or so. Ever heard of "Piss Christ?" I heard some Christians weren't totally crazy about that particular work. Nobody invoked the "thou shalt respect religion" rule as regards "Piss Christ" or the "Poop Madonna." Truth is, there has never been a Western tradition of "respecting religion" in modern Europe, and everyone knows it. Everyone knows that "thou shalt respect religion" is a new rule invented just for Islam. Everyone also knows that Muslims get a special rule because politicians and journalists are afraid of Muslims. Thus, we can expect the Mohamatons will only accelerate the pattern of violent riots every time they're unhappy with the status quo in some respect. In the short term, this will most likely pay off. It will pay off as long as the imams don't overplay their hand. At some point, however, the voters of Europe may realize that, short of the imposition of Sharia law across Europe, there is really no end to the demands of the Mohamatons. If and when the European voters realize this, they'll replace their Chamberlains with Churchills, after which point the Mohamaton temper tantrums will no longer be tolerated.

Personally, I'm not really sure why the European imams are stirring things up at this point in the game. With negative birth rates among the native caucasians and high birth rates in among European Muslims, it would certainly seem that time is on their side in Europe. As is often the case, there's a piece of the puzzle that I'm missing. Either that, or the imams are just not that sharp.


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