Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Amnesty and Houses NOW!!!

If only we had spent more money on undercredentialed citizen Milagro Cunningham, he no doubt would’ve been happy and well-adjusted and wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

Instead, the stress of undercredentialed citizenship and homelessness made him accidentally sexually assault a little girl.

I feel so ashamed for letting him down.

I say we give him amnesty. And buy him a house. In fact, let’s go further. Amnesty and houses for all the undercredentialed citizens in Florida. Now!

If it saves JUST ONE LIFE, isn’t it worth it? How can you be against amnesty when it may just SAVE A CHILD? The child you save may be your own.

Or are you one of those HalliburtEnron/CheneyRoveBushitler types who wants to boil poor children down to use for petroleum stock?

I didn’t think so. Act now before there is another TRAGEDY!!! Amnesty and houses now!!!


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