Monday, May 16, 2005

FURTHER RESOLVED: The ACLU is a bunch of hypocrites


So, the ACLU is complaining about organizations collecting, storing and sharing information about you.

Fair enough, but is the ACLU collecting, storing and sharing information about YOU?

Of course it is! As a result of your visit to their website, the ACLU has retrieved information about you without your consent.

Typical left-wing thinking. It’s OK for US, the ENLIGHTENED, to do because we’re GOOD people and we’re working for better living through MORE LAWSUITS!!! Tell us, without us, who’d protect you from the BOY SCOUTS, eh??? Who’d be there make sure that there are no INSCRIPTIONS OF ANCIENT LAW on the walls of the local courthouse??? Who’d be there to protect your constitutional right to marry your own loving FATHER, or PLATYPUS, or BOTH??? Given the important work we have set before us, it is very important, comrade, that you do as we SAY, not as we DO. Remember: all animals are EQUAL, but some animals are MORE EQUAL than others…


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