Monday, May 16, 2005



For my money, all new proposals for government spending, military and otherwise, are presumed to be suspect, proposed primarily, if not solely, for the benefit of some special interest which seeks to profit from the public till.

Further, all existing government spending, military and otherwise, is presumed to be suspect, perpetuated by an entrenched bureaucracy existing primarily, if not solely, for its own aggrandizement acting in cahoots with a special interest which is profiting generously from the public till.

There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with putting the burden on the proponents of a program to establish the continued value of the program. Programs like strategic helium reserves and mohair subsidies, for example, may have made plenty of sense back when our defense weapons were primarily constructed of natural helium and natural mohair, but we all know that our modern weapons use synthetic helium and mohair, so these programs are perhaps not quite as essential as they were back in the 1980s.

Funny that the libs are all up in arms over this proposal. It’s the same thing the Gore claimed to be doing back in the 90s. Fresh on the heels of his earlier success inventing the internet, Gore reinvented government. Even got some patents on it, I think…


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