Friday, May 13, 2005

Top Brass to Border Patrol: Hold Down Border Arrests


It is clear that we are not going far enough when it comes to the issue of undernaturalized citizens (also known as 'undocumented citizens' or 'undercredentialed citizens'). I suggest that it's long since time that we did something. For starters, I think it is imperative that we pass a law, poste haste, providing for a Federally-funded, no-questions-asked, no customs free bus line, traveling between Central Mexico, California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. We could even serve sandwiches and free drinks, and provide federal and state government staffers on each bus to get everyone registered to vote and signed up for government assistance during the trip, with satellite uplinks connected directly to the government computers, just to make sure there's no delay in benefits whatsoever. . .

Of course I am being absurd. That is an awful approach. As even John Kerry would say, "We can do better."

C'mon, folks!!! As the richest, most powerful nation in the history of the world, one would think that the very LEAST we could do is provide our newest undernaturalized citizens with a nice ride on a modern airliner. There was a time we could count on American liberals to provide bold ideas to the debate. Where are they now???


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