Monday, May 16, 2005

If you like coffee. . .

If you enjoy gourmet coffee, but don't have a barista in your break room, I recommend you get yourself a Philips Senseo coffee machine. I have one at my office and one at home. A fresh cup of pressure-brewed coffee in 30 seconds. How can you beat that?

I probably go through 4-6 mugs of coffee in a normal day, which works out to $2-$3 per day in the coffee pods. I'm sure regular old coffee is cheaper to brew, but there's really no comparison.

My only complaint about the machine is the relatively small water capacity. If you like the coffee, you may decide to upgrade to the large-capacity water reservoir, particularly if more than one person is making use of the machine.

One last point: for the time being, stick with the Senseo brand pods. Other companies make pods, but they tend to be a little bit large for the Senseo chamber and make the clamshell tough to latch. Using off-brand pods can result in a senseoxplosion.


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