Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Jawa Report: The Sources of Homicidal Angst

As usual, Demosophist raises some very interesting points:

OK, so who didn't fall in love with the Parminder Nagra character in Bend it Like Beckham? (If you didn't you're feakin' gay, man.) She's now a regular on ER, by the way. I know she's precisely the sort of tomboy that used to get my heart thumping when I was a ne'r-do-well kid in HS and College. (I mean, girly girls are "OK," but give me a girl who can kick a football or run a 100 meter dash any time.)

So having become susceptible to English Pakistani culture through such a sympathetic portrayal it's not all that comforting to see cute Jess's extended family as the perpetrators of the recent London bombings. And I imagine it's no easier for my UK brethren, who must have been similarly enthralled. I do not think that Islam is, by definition, a pathological religion. But I think some elements of Islamic culture might be pathological, and there is a "dirtly little secret" that is rarely discussed, except by an old friend of mine on a new blog called Jefferson State. . . .

Young Muslim men ought to find women like Jess Bhamra, the heroine of Bend it Like Beckham irresistible, but instead they find such women threatening. This is a tragedy, with consequences that, though unintended, are not inconsequencial. We saw the results in the London transit system over the past week. If mainstream media leaves you with the impression that such a consequence is inexplicable it's because they're not comfortable talking about reality.

Unfortunately, as we are becoming increasingly aware, the mainstream media is not at all comfortable talking about the more unseemly aspects of modern reality, particularly as they relate to Islamism.


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