Monday, July 04, 2005

On hating communists...

From an Estonian blog...

Why do I hate them?

Because when I was a child, our family had to celebrate Christmas behind thick curtains, and couldn't talk about it outside our home.

Because my maternal grandfather gave directions to Finnish tourists on the street, resulting in their home phone being bugged for the next fifteen years.

Because ten percent of my country's population was sent to Siberia. Imagine 28 million Americans torn from their homes, men, women, children, infants - loaded on cattle trains, and moved to a bitterly cold, barren wasteland thousands of miles away.

Because everywhere I look in my country, I see the scars the bastards left behind.

Because my paternal grandfather was loaded on one of those cattle trains and deported to Siberia. He, unlike the thousands around him, managed to stay alive, and eventually found his way back. He lost all toes on both feet to frostbite.

Because my maternal great-grandfather was blacklisted his entire life under Soviet occupation, an educated man kept from working as anything but a janitor. They did this because at age 17, he fought against the Red Army in the Estonian Independence War (and won).

Because he died in 1987, a year before the blue, black, and white flag of Estonia was unfurled on the streets again, after 47 years.

Because he died before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

Because he died before we regained our independence in 1991.

Because during their famines, people ate their children, because hunger drives you mad.

Because their hands have the blood, screams, and torment of one hundred million people on them.

If you take a pen and start writing down the names of every single person who starved, froze, was beaten to death, was raped, shot, hung, stabbed, sobbed in despair and realized there was no hope, and then slowly but surely died, you'd go through countless pens, boxes and boxes of paper, and your goddamn arm would fall off.

That is why I fucking hate them. I've hated them as far back as I can remember, and as years go by, I've come to hate them even more.

And if I ever run across someone who actually defends these vile, repugnant monsters, I will hospitalize them.

Works for me.


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