Saturday, July 09, 2005

Polling data from Britain

Looks like the Brits are prepared to hang tough. No one should be at all surprised.

Islamic terrorists should really read their history books before picking fights with Brits. To win a fight with the British, the jihadis would really have to kill them all, every last one of them, and all their relatives. You don't have enough bombs, fellas. The Brits, like any civilized people, generally prefer to avoid a fight, if possible, but woe to their enemies once the fight starts. The jihadis may think they want to fight with the polite and civilized Brits, but I suspect they're going to learn otherwise. In order to prepare for fighting the Brits, the jihadis first should've started by attacking some hornets' nests with firecrackers. Hornets probably appear to be docile, non-threatening little bugs to someone who's never been on the receiving end of their attention. Playing with the hornets may have given the jihadis some idea of what they were in for. OK, now imagine a hornet's nest with 60,000,000 hornets in it. Now imagine the hornets are two meters long. You guys are so toast...


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