Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sudeten-gaza Ceded to Anti-Jewish Government. Western Leaders Laud "Peace For Our Time"

Let's see: there's an anti-Jewish minority group with a demonstrated propensity for violence living in a territory occupied by a pro-western government. The minority demands an end to occupation and union with its motherland. There are riots and terrorism. Newsreels broadcast images of government violence against the minority. The political leader of the minority group meets with western leaders, convinces the western leaders of his own honesty, convinces them that ceding of the occupied territory to the motherland is the "last problem to be solved." After much violence and many threats, the western leaders pressure the holders of the occupied territory to cede the occupied territory to the motherland. The western leaders pat themselves on the back, lauding their achievement in establishing "peace for our time."

Sound familiar?


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