Sunday, August 14, 2005

Raquel Welch is Still Hot

At the ripe old age of 64, the lovely and eloquent Raquel Welch still looks better than most women have ever looked.

In her interview with Neil Cavuto, Raquel had some very harsh words for those who condemn our troops, including but not limited to the much less attractive--and much less sensible--Hanoi Jane Fonda.
CAVUTO: But many in the Hollywood community have criticized this war. Does that get back, do you think, to the men and women?

WELCH: So much so. That is what I learned when I went to Vietnam. They heard every single newscast. They heard every derogatory thing about what they were doing. And here is the thing, we all value our privileges. And among them, free speech. But it is kind of a terrible paradox when the same rights that they fought for, this free speech, the freedom, is turned around and used against them.

That seems to me unconscionable. It seems to me unfair. And if you have any sense of fairness in your heart, I don't know how you cannot support the troops. I don't know how you can speak out against somebody when they are in the line of fire. I don't mean you can't disagree in a way, but I think it is the manner in which you do so and how far you go with it.
Beautiful and smart. I think I'm in love...


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I'd still hit it.

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