Monday, October 31, 2005

Sam Alito Nominated to Associate Justice Spot

W has gotten tired of playing "surprise" with the nation, and has nominated Samuel Alito, a federal appeals judge who's been on most of the short lists published over the last year.

Quite a few bloggers called it for Alito over the weekend. Good job, y'all!

I'm not that familiar with Sam Alito, but people I know and trust love him. That's a good sign.

Kennedy, Schumer and NARAL are going into conniptions over the nomination. That's an even better sign.

Of course, People For the American Way is laying in on Alito.

Confirm Them says "Thank you, Mr. President.".

Ankle Biting Pundits: Bush Hits His Mulligan 300 Yards In The Middle Of The Fairway.

Slate announces the beginning of "The Supreme Court battle we've all been waiting for".

Hugh Hewitt has a poll. So far, there have been 6898 (94.7%) votes in favor of Alito's nomination.

Did I mention this is a very happy day for me?


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