Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Australian: Racism Not Endemic

There is no doubting that some members of the Lebanese community who have arrived here in the past 30 years have never adjusted to the Australian way of life. And sadly, it seems some of their sons, native Australians, have been brought up to believe being male entitles them to unearned respect from all others, especially women. These riots were clashes that appear to be based in culture, rather than race or religion. None of this excuses, but may explain, some of the context of the Cronulla riot, and Monday night's counter-attack when gangs of Middle Eastern youths swarmed across seaside Sydney attacking property – and people, if they got a chance. These were are all appalling affrays, insults to Australia's well-earned reputation as a safe haven for people from all over the world. But they do not demonstrate Australia to be burdened by race hatred or led by politicians who pander to prejudice.


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