Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More on Cory Maye

from The Volokh Conspiracy:
The remarkable part of the case is that it seems pretty likely that Maye was acting in self-defense. The police broke into Maye's apartment at night while executing a warrant for drugs, but apparently they had the wrong apartment. Specifically, the police didn't realize that the apartment had been divided into two units, and — at least according to blog reports — Maye was in one and the drugs were in the other.
More over at The Agitator.com:
I'll have much, much more on this soon. There's quite a bit more evidence in Maye's favor we haven't discussed yet. But I have a few other things I need to take care of first.

In the meantime, keep up the buzz. Evans said he'll tell Maye the next time he sees him that there's some support building for his case.


Blogger Lawrence said...

Personally, it offends me that such an obvious case of self-defense got twisted by the courts into 1st degree murder.I recall first reading the details of Maye's case and having a strong sense of "There but for the grace of God go I." It seems to me that if someone busted into my house in the middle of the night, unidentified, then I too might take exteme measures to protect my family.

Myself and some like minded people have been working on a petition. Cory Maye’s story has been rare in that it has brought support from conservatives, libertarians and those on the left. We tried to word the petition in a way that all sides would be willing to sign it. We contacted dozens of webloggers from all political stripes for input. We have it up now here:


We hope to bring attention to the case of Cory Maye.

At some point this spring, we intend to print this out and mail it to the Governor of Mississippi and to all the major newspapers.

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