Monday, February 27, 2006

I Like This Guy...

I haven't come across his blog before, but this dude's name is Robert A. George, and he's at least 100% right on about Chris Mathews' characterization of the hullabaloo over the Dubai Ports fiasco:

Okay, I caught Matthews' syndicated show rerun on CNBC Sunday night. Don't ask me what the heck he was trying to say. It was something about the global pinball machine that the world is in now. Matthews compared the cartoon uproar sweeping through the Muslim world with bloggers getting exercised over the Dubai ports issue. I'm not kidding.

While not mentioned by name, Michelle Malkin, Daily Kos and this site were briefly shown on screen.

Apparently, the link was that the prime minister of Denmark was surprised by how the cartoon uproar overwhelmed him -- and Bush was surprised by the Dubai controversy.

What on God's green earth is Matthews smoking? For one thing, the Danish president had nothing to do with the publication of the cartoons! So, duh! No wonder he would be surprised about the uproar. On the other hand, the ports deal was approved by a panel of Bush administration representatives! And people aren't supposed to wonder why the president -- and treasury secretary and defense secretary -- don't know the details about it until just before the deal is announced?

Amen to that! We (the Merry Band of Curious Bloggers) are getting beat up by the White House because we're asking serious questions. That's all we're doing. And for this, we get called "racists," "xenophobes," "islamophobes," etc.
In truth, we're not concerned because we don't trust the Arabs. We're concerned because we don't trust the President.
It'd be far more accurate to call us "Bushophobes."


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