Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Automakers planning to expand focus on hybrid vehicles

Presently, hybrids account for approximately 0.5% of vehicle sales. By 2012, that number's expected to rise to 3.5%. (Personally, I think that estimate's overly conservative. I wouldn't be surprised to see the number exceed 5% by that time.) Toyota's doubling its hybrid output next year, to 500,000 units. Honda (with the Civic and Accord) and Ford (with the Escape) are already in the market, and Nissan's getting in next year with a hybrid Altima.

Expansion of the hybrid vehicle market is good news for just about everyone. Who wouldn't want a car that can accelerate faster and go farther on a tank? Plus, if they do it right, they oughtta be able to completely eliminate the need for brake jobs. Tempering our insatiable thirst for petroleum will reduce our dependence on foreign governments and reduce the effects on our environment. These are all very good things. Hybrid vehicles constitute an exciting way to take better care of our beautiful, life-sustaining Mother Earth. Now, I'm going out back to hug some trees and eat some granola... and, eh, drink some WHISKEY and, eh, shoot off some GUNS & stuff... and maybe BURN some stuff. Some big vinyl and foam stuff, like some big-ass bean bags or something. That'd make for some WICKED flames. Do they still make bean bags? I dunno, but bean bags were pretty cool--especially FLAMING bean bags.


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