Friday, November 04, 2005

Burning the infidels...

A lovely, touching story about a disabled woman, a group of boys, gasoline and fire.

I read something like this, and I want to tell myself "this is not happening." But I know it is happening, and I know this is only the beginning. Westernized France has an opportunity right now to save itself, but doing so would be difficult, bloody and painful for all involved. Knowing the French, we can fully expect that they will negotiate a truce with the Muslim imams in order to avoid short-term pain and suffering. Despite their experience with the German Nazis, the French remain incapable of understanding that there really are worse things than conflict. They don't seem to understand that the long-term price of short-term peace can sometimes be just too high. The truce between the imams and the French authorities will officially provide for near total local autonomy within the Muslim neighborhoods. Within those neighborhoods, the Muslim imams will then set up strict Sharia law, even though it conflicts with French national law. Any westerners living in the Sharia neighborhoods will, of course, find it intolerable to stay. As the Muslim community expands outside of its current neighborhoods, new neighborhoods will be ceded by French authorities to local control. Over time, ever smaller portions of Paris--and France generally--will be tolerable for westerners.

All of the above will come to pass if the French authorities negotiate a truce to this conflict giving the imams the autonomy they seek.


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