Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Halliburton Controls My Brain!

Hella good:
I was defending freedom at drill this weekend, and after a hooah PT session on Sunday morning, I grabbed a cadet out of the armory and went to the local Hardees for breakfast. Now we all know what a repressive, right-wing nazi opinion stifling gulag an empty hardees is at 0700 on a Sunday, so I sat, and quietly ate my breakfast with the cadet, both in uniform, minding our own business, and certainly not grinding the oppressed people in the world under our collective jackboot. Enter Old-Hippie-Guy. This scraggly looking holdover from the McGovern era approached our table unprovoked, and stated "Gentleman, the September 11th attacks were avenged by the deaths of thousands of children, I hope you sleep well at night." With that, giving us little time, through our amazement, he spun around and lurched out of the doorway, leaving the cadet and I to consider the following options...


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