Thursday, December 01, 2005

On Abortion...

Personally, I don't have a particularly strong opinion on the legality of abortion. If you create a child, and you're not going to take care of that child, I'd really prefer if you put the child up for adoption to a grateful home rather than kill the child or abuse it for 18 years. Then again, I'm not sure it's my place to tell you whether you can kill your own children. I didn't have anything to do with their creation, and I'm certainly not gonna take care of them if you don't.
I do have one well-supported opinion related to abortion--namely, that the pro-choice/pro-abortion movement is the source of a constant stream of complete bullshit. In the cited article, Drew takes 'em to task for it. Whatever your opinion on abortion, it should raise big red flags whenever one side of the debate is incapable of telling the truth and discussing the issues in a rational manner without making things up.


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