Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More on Deeyah

From Deeyah.com:

The first single from the album, “Plan of My Own,” was released in the UK January 31, 2005 and debuted in the Top 40, reached #4 on the Club Chart and #11 on the Indie Chart. The music video for the single, by John Lindauer (award winning director of commercials/videos for Nike, DHL, Sunny D, Christina Aguilera, etc.) reached #1 on The Box, the leading request music video channel in the UK. As was the case when Deeyah’s last album came out, her video has led to threats from conservative Muslims who are angry that Deeyah (herself a Muslim) appears in sexy clothes and dances with a black man. The resulting press coverage since the release of the video has been overwhelming to the point of overshadowing Deeyah’s music. For her safety, and in hopes of shifting the focus off of the “news story” and back on the music, Brainwash Records has brought Deeyah and her album to the US.

More info on Deeyah over at Jesus Was A Liberal, Sweet Spirits of Ammonia, and Alphabet City.


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