Friday, March 17, 2006

The David Project: Sued But Not Silenced

The Islamic Society of Boston has sued a long list of people who have exposed their support for religiouos intolerance in Boston, including Jewish groups and at least one Muslim scholar. Their strategy seems to be to sue anyone who criticizes them with the idea of bullying the critics into silence.

Dr. Abou-Allaban, who brought [Qaradawi's] message to Boston, now sues The David Project for “defamation.”

We Jews have a special love, even a weakness, for peace and dialogue. Fortunately, there are wonderful people of the Muslim faith who truly despise hatred. We know them. They are our true brothers and sisters and we are their friends. One, Ahmed Mansour, works with Citizens for Peace and Tolerance, another group sued by Dr. Abou-Allaban. Until the ISB leadership truly reflects their values, we will keep Dr. Abou-Allaban’s letter in a special place so that when, G-d willing, our hopes and dreams come true, its wonderful words of peace can be recited with plain honesty and a clean heart.

We appreciate your support.

Thanks to Atlas Shrugs for the heads up.


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