Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sania Mirza

This is Sania Mirza. On top of being a hottie, Sania's one of the top female tennis players in the world. She's also a Muslim. In exchange for her years of hard work, she's acquired success and fame. She's also collected more than her share of fatwas and death threats from her fellow Muslims. Just like Deeyah and Sahara, Sania doesn't quite fit the profile of how a Muslim woman is "supposed to act."


Anonymous cristina evans said...

you are wrong sania is a down to earth devoit,practising muslim, a family loving girl,prays five times a day,compensates if she misses them by even praying twice and asking for forgiveness,regularly fasts during the holy month [abstains from competitive sports during this period as they are stressful,her priority is her dedication to her creator -her way of thanking the allmighty],denotes freely to islamic charity,has done her hajj [pilgrimage] on a number of occassions.she reveres the glorous koran, her holy book which she can recite by heart,which she reads her scriptures for 2 hours every night,dresses modestly ,she is a teetottaler neither smokes nor drinks,she defends her modest sports clothes [outdated as being without a sex appeal], as essential to her clean profession which is permitted in islam.she stirred up a storm when the the media distorted her view on pre marital sex she advocates varginity and is dead against pre or extra marital or even queers.detists any un natural,vulgar or obsene act or language. but adds it is for the allmighty creator- allah to judge the ignorant who have gone astray.sania says it is all a media hype,she likes being a small time country lass.
-cristina evans physio to sania mirza.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Eman said...

You are in error. Sania Mirza does not wear the burkha, as required by "true Islam." She even shows off her bare legs. Her liberal behavior would never be tolerated in Riyadh. She is clearly a corrupting influence on other Muslim girls.

12:46 AM  

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